Hailong Yang

I am currently a PhD student of SE at JiangNan University(JNU), under the supervision of Professor Zhaohong Deng. Before that, I worked in Huawei Compiler & Promgramming Language Laboratory from July 2018 to July 2022. I did my Master of EE at Nangjing University of Posts and Telecommunications(NUPT), supervised by Professor Chen Liu. My undergrad was at SouthWest University(SWU).
I am mainly working on fuzzy system, code generation and machine learning. I am also interested in programming language, domain specific language(DSL), compiler, transpiler, RTOS, AIoT and TinyML.

My email : yanghailong@stu.jiangnan.edu.cn
Feel free to contact me via email if you are interested!



Deeplang: A programming language for IoT device.
WebSite: https://deeplang.org
GitHub: https://github.com/deeplang-org